Alternative Education Providers & Vulnerable Young People.

TWMAD offer multiple programmes and services which have been created as interventions for youngsters who have experienced many barriers during their childhood which have led to them having multiple needs and has also prevented them from flourishing within the mainstream educational system. 

These vulnerable young people often lack the support and guidance required to help to get them on track and align them with what they wish to achieve in life. TWMAD have learnt that more often than not these young people have many hidden skills and huge potential.

Child cruelty, neglect and assault offences are drastically increasing across the UK, the impact of these cases on young people and along with the deeper societal issues these cases bring mean that time is of the essence to begin working with as many youngsters as possible to ensure that they have effective coping strategies in place to deal with their poor emotional and mental wellbeing. This in turn increases the likelihood of them being at risk of exploitation and isolation and either on the periphery or involved with crime and other anti-social behaviours.

Our services and approach to working with these youngsters in these situations or within these provisions is to build up a relationship and rapport with them and gain a clear understanding of them as individuals. It’s important to initially engage them by doing an activity that they enjoy. TWMAD has a range of activities which help us to determine this and then we offer a range of diversionary activities. We then select a TWMAD programme or approach most suited to their needs. 

The objective of all programmes being to:-

  • Provide positive role models.
  • Provide direction to young people.
  • Help them to discover their identity.
  • Increase their self esteem.
  • Instil a resilience within young people.
  • Develop an understanding of how to resist negativity.
  • Develop an understanding of how to cope better with their personal, family and social challenges.
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