Design your Future

Design Your Future is our mentoring programme which has been designed to help youngsters who have the desire to work hard and to improve, or for youngsters who know what they want to do but they aren’t sure how to get there.  

The Design Your Future programme is for the students who are preparing for their GCSE, or A Level Exams. Our coaches work with these students to understand what their worries and fears are as they approach their exams.

Once this information has been discussed, we then work with our students to formulate a plan and strategy that will help them to take control of their subjects, courses and exam preparation and work towards being ready to take on their exams with confidence that they have put maximum effort in to their preparations. 

All Students on our programme are provided with our Design Your Future Revision guide, which contains practical tools for them to use, and they participate in our informal, relaxed and interactive sessions workshops which covers subjects such as: 

We also discuss our students school performance and targets and how they can reach the targets set, and we discuss their experiences and outcomes of their mock exams and use this information provided to better prepare them for the time that their exams begin. 

The Design Your Future programme also features careers and higher education advice to ensure that all students fully understand the options available to them once they leave school or college. 

Design Your Future is a fantastic programme for students to move onto upon completion of the Ignite Your Future Programme.

Would you like to bring Design Your Future to your school. Email or call us on 01782 480614 to set up a meeting.