Ignite Your Future

Ignite Your Future is our Mentoring programme. We offer a flexible approach to working with schools to facilitate the delivery of our outstanding interactive and enjoyable learning experience for students. Whether your students or motivated or demotivated at school, Ignite Your Future works to inspire youngsters to try harder and to work towards reaching their true potential.   delivered in schools 

The Ignite Your Future sessions have been put together in this way to ensure that students begin their journey with self reflection on who they are, what they enjoy and what makes them tick. 

We then use this information, along with the results of the psychometric profile data we have gathered on them, to help to guide them on a journey which helps them to realise their skills, talents and strengths and how to channel those in the right way to Ignite their Future. As the weeks go by, we begin to help them to visualise a career or life where they are mastering their talents in higher education and beyond to help them to achieve a fantastic life. 

The IYF programme contains 15 sessions, 5 of which are introductory and will focus on everybody getting to know each other, building relationships and rapport, team building and preparing the pupils for the remaining 10 sessions which will feature a combination of coaching, training, and conversation to empower young people to build their confidence, boost their self worth and to provide them with vision and direction when choosing options and career ideas.