ON THE BRINK Education

On The Brink (OTB) Education has been created to work with youngsters who are falling behind at school or are in serious danger of permanent exclusion or the failing of their exams.  

These youngsters are people are frequently being suspended from school or who are disengaged in lessons and distracting others. These youngsters are also often facing challenges outside of school and could be being negatively influenced by people outside of school in their community.   

Our objective is to change their current beliefs and change their ways of thinking. We will work with them to break down any barriers or obstacles that they currently face, or they believe are stopping them from reaching their potential or achieving their goals. 

We provide our OTB coaching hubs which help us to build rapport, gain trust, and fully understand their situations. We then turn our attentions to their attitude in school, look at their current performance against their potential performance. We help them to reconnect with why their education can have a huge impact on the life they go on to lead after school. We learn about their  skills, hobbies and what they are naturally gifted at, and how a better performance at school can help them to ensure that they flourish at school and in their future careers doing exactly what they want to do. 

Our OTB Education Coaching Hub Workshops include 

  • Introduction 
  • Psychometric Analysis 
  • Setting the Scene Where are you now? Why are you there? What do you want from your life? What is your purpose? How can you improve? Why does it Matter? What does your future look like? 
  • Interests and Hobbies and a Positive Future 
  • Channelling their energy
  • Motivation & Focus Levels 
  • Bang for your buck Exercise – TWMAD interactive attitude card game. 
  • Case Studies, Hard Hitting Videos, Real Life local stories 
  • Role Models 
  • Revision Planning 

Would you like to bring On The Brink to your school. Email info@twmad.co.uk or call us on 01782 480614 to set up a meeting.