TWMAD deliver 121 mentoring and coaching support to students who schools have identified as being in need of further support. Our objective will be to connect the participants with their future and the options available to them, 

The coaching models and approaches that we apply vary and are built around the individuals and their current situation at school. If they are struggling academically, we will work on them to identify what they are struggling with, discover the reasons why they may be experiencing difficulties, before we then coach them to discover ways in which they can begin to overcome their struggles and begin to perform better at school. 

There are also some students who just need a confidence boost and who we believe would hugely benefit from our coaching, to give them more belief in themselves and what they are capable of achieving. 

We also work with pupils who are feeling vulnerable and may be experiencing issues outside of school which are affecting their academic performance, decision making and attitude towards others and the school. 

We once more apply our mentoring skills and experiences from working with many young people across the city to learn what’s going on with them, share stories, speak about the issues which are affecting them and problem solve with them to try and work out how they can make improvements to try and improve their situation and re-engage with their education. 

Each session will be documented and we will set individual goals for all the students and their progress will be reported back to the school & Hi Horizons. 

Would you like to bring TWMAD One21 mentoring to your school if so you can start the process by contacting us by either  Email or call us on 01782 480614 to set up a meeting.