TWMAD work with parents, carers and families to help them to help their child or young person to;

It is estimated that one in ten children and young people between the ages of 5-16 will experience a clinical diagnosable mental health issue, increasing in likelihood as young people enter adolescence and early adulthood.

Children and young people need to be supported to develop good emotional wellbeing and secure attachments. There needs to be wider and easier access when issues are beginning to emerge with more support to frontline practitioners and parents to intervene and support young people.

TWMAD Way to Wellbeing 4 Children

TWMAD Way to Wellbeing 4 Children offers parents, grandparents, guardians & carers the opportunity to help their loved ones to receive professional coaching from our mentors and coaches.   

This TWMAD service offers young people a combination of coaching, training, and conversation to empower young people to build their confidence, boost their self-worth and to provide them with vision and direction.

We are passionate about working with young people and creating positive attitudes amongst our future generations. At TWMAD we have created a wide array of services all designed to unlock the huge potential and imagination that ALL youngsters have.

What’s the problem?

The amount of young people with a lack of identity, low confidence, poor self esteem is worryingly increasing, this coupled with the external pressures to look good and to be popular amongst peers, is heightening the levels of anxiety, stress and pressure that young people find themselves suffering from despite their young age.   

Children as young as 6 years old are now feeling the pressure of performing well at school, this worry is now following them all through their school life and negatively impacting upon their emotional wellbeing many struggle to cope with the expectations placed upon themselves internally and externally, as a result of this they don’t reach the levels of happiness and performance that they are more than capable of.

Talented youngsters who are a part of sports teams or participating in other high level groups or clubs are also feeling the burden of having to perform at a high level all the time and the many other pressures that come with this participation.