TWMAD In The Community

 TWMAD are on hand to work in neighbourhoods to engage and understand how life is for young people in the communities which they live.

Sadly not a week goes by where we are not reading stories about disillusioned young people becoming involved in negative activities such as Knife Crime, Anti Social Behaviour, Gangs, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Violence & Crime.

Whether you’re a community group or centre, local authority, or police service, TWMAD are on hand to find out what the local issues are and work collectively to try and make the neighbourhood a better place to live for everybody.

TWMAD works in partnership and apply asset based approaches. We build upon existing partnership to gain a greater understanding of the youngsters who are prominent in the selected areas and we use our ability to engage effectively with youngsters deemed hard to reach.  We operate in the heart of the community and the neighbourhoods hotspots and find out about life as the young people see it in their neighbourhood.

Our Programmes provide guidance, and support to help inspire innovation and enterprise amongst young people, which can lead to the development of youth led young people’s services.

We provides young people with a team of positive role models who they can relate to and who have real life experiences to share, and a desire to see other young people to do well and become successful in their life.

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