TWMAD has been able to inspire the most vulnerable young people that we have worked with, through group work and one to one mentoring, TWMAD have been able to change the thinking of these young people, help them build aspirations and goals and understand that there are other ways to move forward and become a role model themselves.



Hanley Job Centre

We had a young lad come to our Youth Group (Year 9), he was really disruptive in sessions and constantly in trouble with the police and school.  TWMAD worked with him on a one to one basis and the change is unbelievable, he is now engaging in school and has an ambition to become a chef on a cruise ship. 

It has taken a long time to build trusted relationships (as the police) with young people, we are now involved in preventative work with troubled families, listening to their issues and helping to make things better before they escalate into criminal and anti-social behaviour.  TWMAD have provided a pathway for us to engage more effectively with young people, they have helped change the way they view the Police, they help young people to have respect for their communities which makes our job a lot easier.


Staffordshire Police




I could have been kicked out of school but TWMAD helped me to see that that isn’t the way to go.

I now aren’t afraid to ask others for their opinion on things as when I have asked people at these sessions, I have had good advice that has helped me. I want to get on with things now and I believe going the wrong way isn’t worth it.

Year 11 Students

Co-Op Academy, Stoke on Trent


You can contact TWMAD by either mailing info@twmad.co.uk or by calling us on 01782 480614


Our team takes time to meet up listen and discuss the young people being considered for our TWMAD programmes. We are keen to understand their background and their current situation and attitude towards their life and their future.


The discussions held provide TWMAD with valuable insight into the youngsters. We then decide which TWMAD approach or service would be the most suitable for the youngsters.


TWMAD then provide a proposal which we believe to be most suitable to the needs of both the youngsters and the need of the referral organisations. We offer a flexible approach and always endeavour to work to the budgets of our service users.


We then offer a flexible approach when scheduling our programmes and we are able to work in community locations local to the participants or we offer our office facilities to host workshops and activities.


At TWMAD we place a huge emphasis on ensuring that all participants receive a service and experience like no other, that they have ever received before. Our alternative approach ensures that they will enter a life changing process geared to equipping them with improved life skills and future prospects without barely noticing.

Reporting, Feedback & Signposting

We ensure that the progress of our participants is documented and celebrated, and we create our participant reports in the forms of case studies, videos and interviews. TWMAD understands its responsibilities to ensure that safeguarding practices are adhered to, we work closely with any partners or other relevant agencies and when necessary we signpost our youngsters on to other services who can also meet their needs.

Our Coaches are on hand to advise and offer practical tools to youngsters that will help to take away the pressure that they are feeling. We offer an external non judgemental ear to the young people who access this service and together we hatch a plan that will not only make them feel a lot happier and more comfortable in their situation, It will also see them flourish and reach the levels of performance that they want to in whatever activity they are focusing on doing.