• Simple steps to grow your Instagram and possibly income without selling out, being a show off or spending all day on your phone.
  • There is always room at the top.(Touch on who positively inspires them through social media, that’s Instagram is not real time life but peoples life highlights, and mention about anxiety caused by social platforms and how to overcome)
  • Purpose. Why is Instagram important to them, what do they hope to gain and what to the want to give back.
  • How to attract the right followers, who to follow, how to engage & growth strategies.
  • Utilise the platform – sell a service or a product.
  • How to create content.(Captions, styling, editing, images).

Fuel for Mind & Body (girls only)

  • Basic nutrition
  • How to get healthy hair, nails, skin
  • Food face masks
  • Raw healthy bakes
  • Yoga/Meditation/Stretching
  • How to de stress
  • How to mentally look after yourself

Photography with a Phone workshop

Blog Writing Workshop

  • Basic Blog templates
  • How to photograph your subject matter
  • How to style your blog
  • Apps & websites