Through connection, mutual understanding and trust, the TWMAD team empower young people to transform their lives.

Our team is made up of dedicated and highly experienced youth mentors. We build on a strong foundation of community support experience with expertise in coaching, mentorship, and personal development.

As an organisation, we’ve had the opportunity to work with and support hundreds of young people. As individuals, we use our unique experience and knowledge to strengthen the service we provide our community.

TWMAD mentor and owner Marvin Molloy

Marvin Molloy – Director

As one of the co-founders of TWMAD, Marvin brings his years of experience in community support to pushing TWMAD to provide better, more comprehensive support.

As a youth and community development specialist, Marvin is passionate about changing the lives of young people through intervention and action. He believes that every young person deserves a shot at a bright future – one that they can both visualise and achieve.

Marvin works directly with TWMAD’s young people, mentoring, coaching, and teaching in order to empower the new generation. But his experience has taught him that positive change requires both immediate direct action and careful planning in the long-term.

Alongside mentoring and working within the TWMAD Academy, Marvin is always on the lookout for ways to capitalise on new opportunities to support the community – from improving available resources to collaborating with partner charities and organisations.

TWMAD Mentor and owner Trevor Molloy

Trevor Molloy – Director

Before co-founding TWMAD, Trevor was a professional coach in the corporate world.

Using an intuitive and highly collaborative approach, Trevor empowers young people to understand what drives them as individuals so they can aspire to the kind of future they’re excited to create for themselves.

Trevor’s experience of providing ambitious corporate teams with the means to build resilience and achieve success transfers perfectly into youth mentorship. Trevor homes in on what makes each young person tick, guiding them to outline new goals that aren’t defined by their past experience.

With a wider background in sales and strategy, Trevor is a driving force behind TWMAD and uses his commercial acumen to identify new opportunities to improve the service the organisation offers.

TWMAD mentor Chris Cavanagh

Chris Cavanagh

Chris joined the team early in 2023 and he has been doing some fantastic work in schools providing educational sports and healthy lifestyle sessions in line with the school curriculum. Children love these sessions,

Chris has a calm and assertive nature and he uses this to assist children to focus and make improvements to their effort and attainment in school.

Chris takes time to listen and to understand the young people that he supports and offers great advice and support to help them to deal with any challenges that they are experiencing

Chris enjoys an active lifestyle which he promotes and encourages  when working with young people.

“When he comes home he is always talking about Chris and what they have been doing, he loves the sessions and it’s his favourite time of the week”

TWMAD Mentor Dean Williams 

Dean Williams

Dean is a bubbly and engaging character who brings a wealth of lived experience, knowledge and wisdom to our team which he shares with the young people that he supports.

He is able to develop a connection and get a smile from children and young people instantly and he works his magic from there.

He listens and asks the right questions which help young people to take a look at their current actions and struggles and he helps them to think about how they could do things a little differently to make positive changes in their life. .

Dean is a serial connector and if a child or young person wants to do something positive then Dean will find a way for that to happen.

“ I dont know exactly what Dean is saying or doing to help my boy but its working and i cant believe the change that i have seen in recent weeks”

TWMAD Mentor Nathaniel Regisford

Nathaniel Regisford

Nathaniel is a fantastic member of our team, an amazing mentor who has done so many wonderful things since he joined us. It’s difficult to keep it limited to a few paragraphs.

Every single school and young person that he supports feeds back how great he is and “he is an amazing credit to our team”

He has a calming and understanding nature, he listens and he is resourceful, if there is an approach that needs taking to improve the wellbeing, application or attitude of a young person he will find the solution and implement it and the children will absolutely love it.

He delivers in schools and he delivers in the community. He connects the dots and is able to ensure that everybody he supports makes progress.

He comes with a guarantee.

TWMAD Mentor and Coach Rosie


Rosie has been a fantastic addition to the TWMAD team and is passionate about supporting young people. When your in her presence she is breath is a breath of fresh air and her friendly and caring nature is perfect when engaging and supporting the children that she does.

Rosie is able to share stories of her school life which helped her to develop something of a troublesome reputation and explain the impact that this had on her later on in life. She is now eager to ensure as many children don’t make the same mistakes that she made whilst understanding that we all have our reasons and distractions that aren’t always easy to ignore and just carry on as normal at school and in life.

Rosie is a hard worker and she hopes to inspire the young people that she supports to do the same.

Mentoring session in a gym


Abz is a valuable member of the TWMAD team and he continues to go from strength to strength as he develops into an influential mentor. He has a caring and warm personality and he is a great listener and the children who he supports really enjoy their time with him.

Abz TWMAD journey is great one, we first met him as a school boy at a youth club which he used to attend, he was energetic and his personality was infectious he was great to be around and you could see that this was a boy who could go far. We connected him with our first ever project SlamDunk and he used to join us weekly to play basketball.

Unfortunately Abz became vulnerable in his community and he began to hang around with a bad crowd which led to him becoming involved in things that he shouldn’t have been and he subsequently ended up spending some time away. This provided him with a lot of time to think about his decisions and where things had gone wrong. He knew that he needed to change and he began to build a desire and determination to put his life back on track.

Abz reached out to us in his hour of need and he was a shadow of his former self, his confidence and self belief was on the floor however we knew that there was still a rough diamond in there and we began to nurture and coach him in an attempt to help him to rediscover the Abz that we met all those years back.

We are proud to say that Abz is back and its an absolute pleasure to see him now, he is inspired, hungry and relentless in his efforts to now have an impact on the children that he is working with. He is an all rounder but his lived experiences are also being shared with children who are on the brink and vulnerable and his work is becoming more impactful every session.

Marissa Glover

Marissa Glover

Marissa joined the TWMAD team in 2022 and since then has helped us to keep on top of everything behind the scenes to ensure our operations run efficiently and safely.

Marissa is often the first port of call when a young person is referred into TWMAD. She gathers all the information we need ahead of beginning our interventions, ensuring we are able to implement all the relevant safeguarding measures. This also means we have a firm understanding of the objectives our partners want us to work on when with the children.

Alongside monitoring all the reports that come in, Marissa offers our team of mentors advice and resources to assist them in delivering more effective sessions. She is also responsible for updating and communicating with the schools during our support.

Marissa also helped make the Youthtopia Holiday Club a reality, working attentively to ensure we were prepared and ready to deliver a fantastic programme.

Danielle Pearce

Danielle was the first addition to our mentoring team at TWMAD and she’s done an absolutely brilliant job for us ever since she joined.

Danielle has a knack for instantly connecting with every young person she works with. Her warm and infectious personality ensures the young people she supports all have a great time when they’re with her.

With a natural ability to make people feel comfortable in her presence, Danielle is a fantastic listener and provides the children with a lot of emotional support. She genuinely cares about and empathises with the young people she’s supporting, forging the trust necessary for a young person to feel comfortable sharing any problems or issues they might be facing.

Every young person who Danielle supports can expect to have a laugh, learn from Danielle’s own personal experiences, and feel inspired and motivated. When needed, she can also deliver a firmer talking to when the young people she’s supporting need accountability and to understand that someone really cares about where their life may be headed.

We receive so much great feedback about the positive influence Danielle has on students and the impact she’s having. We think this is down to her huge passion and commitment to helping young people and because at the end of the day, they know they can count on Danielle.

James Redford

James Redford

James joined the team last year and immediately made a great impression on us and the young people that he supports. James is an impressive young man who has shown what focus and dedication to something that you enjoy can bring.

He loves football and he runs his own football coaching business which helps children to hone their skills and improve their game. James is very ambitious and he was keen to work with more children in different settings and environments and to develop himself further and we felt that it was a great match as so many young people are keen on sport and there is no better example than James to show them how to fulfil their potential doing something they love.

James has proven to be a great role model, he listens and works with the students to come up with positive solutions or approaches to their situations and ensures that they have somebody to be accountable to.

James recently took a leadership role on Youthtopia and he made a fantastic start earlier this summer we are excited to see how he is able to develop this project further.

Declan Lloyd

Declan is the youngest and newest member of the TWMAD team. Aged just 19, Dec already has a clear vision of the work that he wants to do and that is working with children, His passion for it shines through and he is currently attending Keene University where he is studying Children’s Nursing. He is ready to contribute his learning to the community and assist those who are struggling to embrace their own opportunities and experiences through our mentoring services.

Declan is a positive young person, and he showcases outstanding qualities when in and around children, he enjoys water based sports and spending times with his friends having fun.

We are thrilled to have him on board and we are eager to combine his academic learning, our approaches and the experiences that we can offer as we continue on our pursuit to reach higher levels of engagement and service for children and young people.

Darren Attoh

Darren has recently joined our team of mentors at TWMAD. From the first conversation that we had with him we were very eager to bring him on board at TWMAD.

Originally from London, Darren grew up in Camden where he had access to youth clubs and mentors who would help and look  out for him and provide opportunities for him to better himself and to learn new skills.

Darren recalls the impact a mentor called Max had on him back in the day getting him involved in workshops like DJ, Dance, Music, computer skills, arts and craft, boxing.

Now Darren wants to become for others who Max was for him and to make a major difference and be that positive role model for many other children and young people.

Darren has a passion for music and basketball and some great ideas that he would like to work on with TWMAD.

“This is just the start.”

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