TWMAD has been able to inspire the most vulnerable young people that we have worked with, through group work and one to one mentoring, TWMAD have been able to change the thinking of these young people, help them build aspirations and goals and understand that there are other ways to move forward and become a role model themselves.

Hanley Job Centre

I now aren’t afraid to ask others for their opinion on things as when I have asked people at these sessions, I have had good advice that has helped me. I want to get on with things now and I believe going the wrong way isn’t worth it.

Year 11 Student
Co-Op Academy, Stoke on Trent

We had a young lad come to our Youth Group (Year 9), he was really disruptive in sessions and constantly in trouble with the police and school. TWMAD worked with him on a one to one basis and the change is unbelievable, he is now engaging in school and has an ambition to become a chef on a cruise ship.

It has taken a long time to build trusted relationships (as the police) with young people, we are now involved in preventative work with troubled families, listening to their issues and helping to make things better before they escalate into criminal and anti-social behaviour. TWMAD have provided a pathway for us to engage more effectively with young people, they have helped change the way they view the Police, they help young people to have respect for their communities which makes our job a lot easier.

Staffordshire Police

We have been working with TWMAD for a few years and the progress they make the our students is immense. What is really valuable is the independent insight we get and the valuable information that helps us as a school support these children. I really recommend TWMAD and the fantastic projects they offer as I have seen first hand the difference they make hence their name – together we can make a difference, they certainly do!

Ahsan Ashraf

I could have been kicked out of school but TWMAD helped me to see that that isn’t the way to go.

Year 11 Student
Co-Op Academy, Stoke on Trent

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Together We Make A Difference. The students have gained a positive experience completing their 15-week mentoring program. Students are more focused, confident and determined to succeed. Students have a better understanding of themselves and are now more self-motivated. Together We Make A Difference have engaged with parents during parent consultation evenings and even visited students whilst on work experience. I would truly recommend this program to all educational and training establishments.

Jermaine Gordon – Lead Teacher 
Birches Head Academy