Young people in the Urban Park Studios

Urban Park Studios is a professional-grade digital sound and music studio where young people can unleash their creativity.

Established by youth mentoring organisation Together We Make a Difference (TWMAD), Urban Park Studios is a creative space for young people in and around Stoke-on-Trent.

Whether you want to learn how to mix beats, record vocals, or just experiment with finding a sound that speaks to you, it’s all possible at Urban Park.

Enriching young people’s lives through music

For many young people, music means everything to them. We established Urban Park Studios so young people could not only enjoy music, but learn to create it on their own terms.

The digital studio at Urban Park is suitable for all levels of experience – you don’t need to know how to play an instrument to make music. And if you want to learn how to do something, we make that happen.

Young person in Urban Park Studios
Trevor with a young person in Urban Park Studios

Gaining new skills and experience

There’s a strong focus on upskilling the young people that join us at Urban Park Studios.

Whether you want to learn to layer tracks on the mixing desk or fine-tune your beat-making skills, our team of engineers are on hand to show you how.

For young people who are interested in creating music professionally or working in sound production, this is a great opportunity to learn core skills and gain experience.

However, you don’t need any specific career aspirations to attend a session at Urban Park Studios – you just need an interest in music.

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Professional quality sound equipment

At Urban Park Studios, we want young people to have access to the very best professional-grade music production equipment.

Our newly established multi-purpose studio is always looking to expand our suite of sound tech, which currently includes:

  • Professional-grade
  • Microphones
  • Speakers and mixing decks (mixers)
  • MIDI controllers
  • Soundproofed recording area
  • Vocal booth
  • Beat-making equipment e.g. Drum machine

If you’re interested in joining us in the studio, get in touch with the TWMAD team today.

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Recording studio for podcasting

Our multi-purpose sound studio is also set up for recording podcasts and radio-style content.

If you’re a young person with something to say – or perhaps you want to learn how to record podcasts alongside a professional engineer – reach out to the TWMAD team.

While we are focusing on providing studio time to the young people we support through our organisation, we’re also planning to provide production slots for all podcasters – so watch this space.

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