Community engagement sparked development of key programmes

TWMAD have been developing their programmes for the last 5 years, each programme that we offer has been created in response to the needs of young people in our community.

Trevor and Marvin initially combined their expertise in community engagement and coaching sales teams to create Ignite Your Future a young person’s mentoring programme based around self-discovery and confidence building.

Such was the impact of this programme they continued to create additional mentoring programmes which all successfully connect with a diverse range of children of all ages and abilities.

On the Brink

Hard-hitting mentoring programme delivered in schools to small groups for a 5 – 10 week period.

TWMAD work with school staff to gain an understanding of the vulnerabilities of the youngsters selected for OTB.

Disengaged youngsters, typically in groups of six, are given the opportunity to reflect in a nonjudgemental environment on their current actions and the situations that they find themselves in. These sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes and the programme kicks off with our powerful award-winning anti-knife crime presentation currently taking the UK by storm. This presentation leaves young people in a very strong contemplative state which can stimulate change in their mindset and opens the door to early intervention.

Our mentors instantly begin building the rapport needed to gain a position of influence in the lives of the young people on this programme we raise their awareness of the dangers that their behaviours and actions may be leading them towards and we deliver an impactful educational experience which offers guidance and inspiration on how they can improve their decision making, make changes, stay safe and flourish through their teenage years.

What we cover

  • Knife Crime
  • Gangs and County Lines
  • Grooming
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Substance Abuse
  • Social media
  • Relationships & Influences
  • Decision Making
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Ignite Your Future

Comprehensive mentoring programme delivered in schools to groups of students over a 10 – 15 week period.

Students are given the opportunity to study the most important subject of all, themselves in an informal and relaxed and fun learning environment created by a third-party provider.

Each session lasts an hour and everybody on the programme completes our young person themed psychometric assessment quiz which provides them with an individual report which contains details about their character and an analysis of their personality which explains to them why they do many of the things that they do.

The programme allows students to take a moment to learn how to self-reflect and to think about what they would like to achieve in the short, medium and long term.

Our mentors quickly create a connection with the students, and we inspire them to think big, whilst educating them on how to display a positive attitude, increase their effort and improve their confidence, communication skills, and set goals which can help them to Ignite their Future.

Programme is great for…

  • Groups of up to 15 students
  • Students Y9 – Y11
  • Students who need a confidence boost

  • Students struggling to reach their potential

  • Students who are falling behind with their studies.

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Mentoring session in a gym

Above and Beyond

Intensive support to vulnerable children who are at risk and who are supported through the social care system

Our team of mentors provide diversionary activities and become positive trustworthy influences in the lives of the families we support.

This service helps in many ways to safeguard and protect at-risk children identified as needing extra support.

TWMAD offer respite and guidance to parents, carers and guardians who are struggling to meet the complex needs of the children in their care.

Our team quickly establishes a connection with the young people and families we are called in to support.

We offer empathy and understanding towards the families and the difficult situations in which they find themselves and help in any way we can.

We work with the children and family members to improve relationships within the home environment, we engage them in positive diversionary activities, and we use various coaching techniques to educate and inform them of how to avoid risks and to stay safe within their communities.

We work closely with social workers and form part of the Multi-Agency Safety Hub in place to safeguard the youngsters who we are supporting. TWMAD offers a responsive and solution-based service to best deal with the diverse nature of this support.

TWMAD offers support packages starting from 50 hours to allow the appropriate time to inspire change and hope in children and families deemed hard to reach and to ease the burden for social care services who are experiencing challenging situations supporting vulnerable families.

Problems we tackle

  • Parental Challenges
  • Relationship Breakdowns
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Grooming
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Loneliness & Isolation
  • Gangs & County lines
  • Youth violence & vulnerability
  • Low Confidence
  • Low Aspirations
  • Low self esteem
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Providing space that brings young people together, ignites their passions and grows their skills to become active changemakers.

Youthtopia is for children age 5 +

Youthtopia features as part of the Holiday and Food Programmes which are co ordinated around the country and provide children with activities during holiday periods.

Our hugely popular holiday club features, sports, arts and crafts, and many fun activities which keep children entertained from start to finish.

Children also get to enjoy a lovely dinner with their friends and a snack and refreshment pack is provided to each child who attends.

Our team of mentors and coaches ensure that all children have lots of fun and opportunities to learn new skills, try out new experiences and develop their existing skills.

Youthtopia is a fantastic programme for making friends and building your confidence and we would love to see you there.

Details of how to Book are released prior to the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays and can be found on our news feed.

Programme is great for…

  • Team Building
  • Learning new skills
  • Making Friends
  • Sports & Exercise
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Social Skills
  • Healthy Eating
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