TWMAD Mentor and Coach Rosie

We don’t tell young people who they should be or how to do better. We provide young people with the tools they need to leave the past behind and see what’s possible in their future.

TWMAD’s mentoring programme gives disengaged young people the opportunity to talk about their life, to learn to better understand themselves, and to reflect on their current actions without being judged. 

  • One-to-one conversation gives the young person a chance to get to the root causes of why things feel difficult for them.
  • Through mentorship, young people explore their interests and abilities and focus on building confidence and self-esteem.
  • Every young person is different, so every support package is uniquely tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

With our mentoring and support, young people can break free of negative behaviours and even begin to see themselves as positive role models for others.

How mentoring impacts young people

“TWMAD has been able to inspire the most vulnerable young people that we have worked with, through group work and one to one mentoring, TWMAD have been able to change the thinking of these young people, help them build aspirations and goals and understand that there are other ways to move forward and become a role model themselves.”

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Trevor works in a gym mentoring a young person

Tackling challenging behaviour

Emotional abuse, peer pressure, social media… these are just some of the ways that young people shape who they are, but what if we can show them a different perspective?

Our mentees often face a range of challenges, including knife crime, gangs, grooming, and social isolation. The root causes of these issues – disconnection, family breakdown, domestic violence, and so on – can trap young people in a pattern of behaviour.

Through mentoring, young people can achieve positive change before negative behaviours limit their potential forever.

What challenges are young people facing?
Young person listens to music in the Urban Park Studios

Inspiring young people to aspire to big things

We don’t tell young people what they “should” do to change their lives – we guide them into seeing themselves as capable of positive change, inspiring them to see their full potential.

Through mentoring, our young people have the chance to explore what success looks like for them. Together, we figure out how they can make that vision of success a reality and pursue their own version of happiness for themselves.

How do we raise the bar for our young people?
Young person enjoys a archery at TWMAD's Youthtopia.

About Together We Make a Difference

Together We Make a Difference (or TWMAD) was founded to inspire a generation. Our vision is to motivate young people to reach their full potential and support them on their journey.

We are committed to meeting young people where they are, even when they feel like giving up. We inspire and motivate by:

  • providing space for meaningful communication and mentorship
  • showing you that your past behaviours don’t have to define you
  • earning your trust through listening, letting you be who are and standing by your side.

TWMAD believes that every young person deserves a shot at a bright and happy future – all they need is the desire to change and the right tools to help them get there!

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