Meet The Team

Introducing first….
He has been out here grafting since the day he left NPower and decided to work doing the jobs he loves to do.

He is Mr Resourceful, by that we mean he understands his limitations and finds somebody who can do all the things he can’t do….
Or doesn’t want to.

Liverpool Fan who firmly believes next year will be our year, has a problematic sweet tooth and with saying “that this pair of trainers is my last pair for a bit now.”

Mr Marvin Molloy

His colleague…
Trevor decided to found TWMAD in 2014 due a overwhelming demand for Basketball in the local community.
Following on from a number of consultations it was clear that with his passion to work with children, youth and individuals struggling to identify opportunities to live a sustainable future that TWMAD should be founded providing services across Learning, Sport & Ventures.
Excelling at Football, Basketball, Tennis and any sport involving a ball as a child his vision is to provide services and projects to engage and inspire people to go on and better their future, be that at a personal or professional level.
Having accomplished Team Leading, High Performing Sales and NLP accreditations over the last 10 years his objective is to share these learnings and build a team that is recognised for outstanding work within the Education & Community sector.
With a love for Music, Cycling and Horology he lives by a motto “Go Big or Go Home”

Mr Trevor Molloy

Here is a little about me.
I am 29, a creative mind and a hippy at heart. I love to travel, cook and to share stories. Whilst I worked for West Midlands Ambulance Service along with an array of other jobs here in the UK, I took time to travel parts of Central America and the Caribbean alone, until I met my partner 4 years ago. He is a DJ and I have been travelling around the world with him photographing his career for the last 3 years. Now based back in the Staffordshire, I am working for the ambulance service again and also working with TWMAD to help others and ‘to make a difference.’ I believe it’s so important that young people are giving the opportunity to follow a dream or a passion, to have the support and encouragement to try new ideas and ventures that excite them. I look forward to being part of a team that has this at the heart of their vocation.


I’m an Ex professional footballer, having played over 500 games for a various number of clubs and internationally.
I am now looking to getting into the coaching side of the game.
I loved playing the game but now I want to give back and help others with the experiences I have from over last 18 years playing professionally.

Richard Duffy