Boys to Men: Helping Young Boys Navigate Masculinity


This term, Together we Make A Difference has been delivering our Boys to Men presentations as part of the Exploring Masculinities initiative. We were thrilled to be awarded this contract earlier this year by the Lichfield LMG, and we’ve been eager to engage with the school and their students to discuss share ideas and thoughts on this topic.

Planting Seeds for the Future

Our presentations are designed with a single hope: to plant seeds in the minds of young boys that will grow into a strong, healthy understanding of masculinity. We aim to equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the challenges they face during their school years and beyond.

Addressing the Challenges

During our talks, we highlight the difficulties boys often encounter on their journey through school. We emphasize that these challenges can become even more pronounced as they transition into adulthood, especially if they struggle to find a sense of purpose. 

Understanding Masculinity

We delved into the concept of masculinity, exploring its various traits and how it has evolved over time. A significant part of our discussion focuses on toxic and hyper masculinity. We pose the question: Are young boys specifically targeted because they are impressionable, lack direction, and are still in the process of forming their identities?

Identity and Vulnerability

Our message is clear: a lack of understanding of one’s own identity leaves one vulnerable to external influences. We stress the importance of self-awareness and the impact it can have on reducing this vulnerability.

Practical Tips for Identity Development

We offer practical tips on how young boys can develop their identities. We encourage them to commit time and effort to this task, just as they would to their school work, social media, or gaming. Identity formation is an ongoing process that requires effort, commitment and perseverance.

 A Personal Journey

To illustrate these points, I share my own personal journey. I recount how a significant event dramatically changed the direction of my life, helping me understand the importance of setting goals and applying more effort. My story serves as a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and hard work.



The Boys to Men presentations by TWMAD aim to inspire and guide young boys as they navigate the complexities of masculinity. By providing them with insights and practical advice, we hope we have been able support their journey towards becoming confident, self-aware, and purpose-driven men.


“Thank you again for the sessions last week, they went down really well and we’ve had lots of positive feedback from the staff involved”

“Thank you, the children needed to hear that and I thought you pitched the presentation exactly how it needed to be, well done”


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