Primary School Emotion Coaching across Staffordshire


TWMAD has been continuing our work with primary schools emotion coaching support across two districts of Staffordshire, extending our services into a further 9 primary schools.

The support that we have been able to offer has been welcomed and proved very helpful to the primary schools that are wanting to meet the needs of all their pupils and to effectively educate them through their curriculum.

Primary School Life

However, they face challenges as some young children are struggling at school due to also having to deal with difficult situations in their lives.

Trauma, loss, and life in unstable home environments are obviously proving difficult for children so young to manage. Some are struggling to understand their emotions and how to regulate them.

Their behaviour in school is affected by this, making their school experience less enjoyable and productive.

How TWMAD Helps

TWMAD has been able to spend some one-to-one time with the children, all of whom have had huge smiles on their faces when we have explained how TWMAD is going to support them during the programmes.

We have used activities that are able to burn off some of their restless energy and educate them effectively using tools that can help them regulate their emotions. The children have been able to talk freely during the sessions with their mentor. We speak with the schools and stay on top of any incidents that may have occurred between our sessions, enabling us to reflect on this when with the children.

How the children benefit

Our early findings suggest that having a closer eye on children at this age can help them learn to manage their behavior and emotions more effectively, decreasing the chances of disengagement from school and increasing their resilience.

Some of the children will continue to live difficult lives; however, preventive work of this nature also allows organisations like TWMAD to provide positive experiences for them, working with external agencies that may be required to work with them consistently through their childhood.

The Work Continues

Our battle to inspire children to reach their potential continues, and we believe programs such as this provide encouraging opportunities to complete encouraging preventative work with vulnerable children.

This programme has been commissioned by Staffordshire County Council Primary School Local Management Groups.

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