TWMAD in Lichfield



TWMAD awarded two contracts to deliver our services to five high schools across Lichfield.

Emotional-Based School Refusal

TWMAD will provide each high school with the opportunity to refer students who are considered school refusers and have low attendance for one-on-one mentoring support.

TWMAD have the opportunity to showcase our abilities to engage the most disengaged young people, and begin to bridge the gap between them and their schools.

We will work alongside the chosen student to create the conditions for  them to feel more comfortable accessing their education. Our mentors will assist them with their education and to overcome any barriers that they face.

They will also work through our modules to develop their emotional understanding and learn how to make positive changes and improved approaches to their education.

Exploring Masculinities & Positive Approaches Programme

TWMAD will also be delivering presentations and workshops to four year groups from each school during the final term of the school year.

The programme features a 90-minute presentation followed by a couple of workshops promoting a positive and inclusive view of masculinity, supporting positive self-image, and providing education on emotional literacy and how individuals can improve their mental health and well-being.

We have some exciting plans for this, and we are really looking forward to delivering fresh content to these five schools.

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