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TWMAD in Lichfield


  TWMAD awarded two contracts to deliver our services to five high schools across Lichfield. Emotional-Based School Refusal TWMAD will provide each high school with the opportunity to refer students who are considered school refusers and have low attendance for one-on-one mentoring support. TWMAD have the opportunity to showcase our abilities to engage the most disengaged young people, and begin to bridge the gap between them and their schools. We will work alongside the chosen student to create the conditions for  them to feel more comfortable accessing their education. Our mentors will assist them with their education and to overcome any [...]

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Urban Park Studio


TWMAD have in our Urban Park Studio a fantastic creative space that we have been developing over the last few years. Supported by both the Youth Music Trust and also Walleys Quarry we have been able to kit out an outstanding facility and deliver music sessions to children from across the county. The journey that we have experienced delivering the Urban Park Studio project has been one of ups and downs but we are getting there and we are delighted with the work done so far, the learnings that we have experienced and the outcomes that we have been able to achieve. [...]

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TWMAD to deliver emotion coaching in secondary schools


Here are some details of another project which TWMAD will be working in partnership with Stafford Locality Management Group to deliver in 7 high school across Stafford. This is a great way for TWMAD to continue to reach more young people and it also offers a great opportunity for us to work even closer with schools at a time which many are saying are becoming more challenging than ever to engage the disengaged.

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TWMAD do Primary School Emotion Coaching


TWMAD continue to grow and develop our services to meet the needs of children and young people in our communities. Having predominantly worked in Secondary schools for the last 5 years we are really pleased to now have been given the opportunity to begin working in 10 primary schools. This work has been commissioned by the Stafford Locality Management Group who were keen to provide an outreach service for their primary schools.  

TWMAD do Primary School Emotion Coaching2024-02-15T10:38:01+00:00

Turnaround Programme


TWMAD are delighted to have been given the opportunity to deliver our services as part of the Turnaround programme with Staffordshire County Council. We have created a package which combines our popular and impactful On the Brink service with our 121 mentoring to provide children with learning experiences designed to divert them away from danger and to encourage them to place more meaning and value to their lives.  

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Bridge the gap between students and schools


Now all students have returned from their holidays our 121 mentoring sessions have resumed, our mentors bridge the gap between those students who have become disengaged or require additional support and the school. Here are the needs of those students that we are meeting with our sessions. In Conversation with Young People How We Work Every week our mentors at TWMAD are holding many conversations with young people. Naturally, they all listen carefully and do their best to comfort, guide and advise them. Our hope is that this will help them to understand things more, make better decisions, or to see [...]

Bridge the gap between students and schools2023-10-11T14:42:40+01:00

Creating opportunities this summer with holiday club Youthtopia.


Here is a little summary of how TWMAD prepared and contributed towards the Holiday & Food programme (HAF) this summer with our holiday club Youthtopia. Youthtopia is all about creating opportunities for children to feel supported, have fun and to enjoy as many positive experiences as possible. We had an amazing time.   Our Splendid Summer More recently the school holidays for TWMAD have been spent focused on developing and growing Youthtopia which is our exciting holiday club for children. TWMAD works closely with our partners at the DoubleTree Hilton who provide a stunning venue and facility. Youthtopia is our contribution [...]

Creating opportunities this summer with holiday club Youthtopia.2023-10-11T14:47:59+01:00

School summer holidays are upon us


This year is flying by and I can’t believe that the school summer holidays are already upon us. This means that our student support enters a quieter period and provides our to team with some time to rest, reflect and recharge. I will be doing the same but also using the time to make some adjustments and improvements to ensure that come September we are ready to go again and serve our partners with a fantastic service once more.   Schools' out for Summer An extremely busy time has now concluded for our mentors, we have a period where we were [...]

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Plans for this Summer’s Youthtopia have begun


It’s been a busy time the last few weeks putting together the plans for this Summer's Youthtopia which TWMAD delivers as part of #HAF2023 programme. Youthtopia is our hugely popular holiday club which features sports arts & crafts tenpin bowling and loads of other fun games and activities. All the places were snapped up very quickly for our first 2 weeks, but we have now extended it to 3 weeks and have places available to book on by clicking the link below. TWMAD work in partnership with the Hubb Foundation and The Double Tree Hilton, Stoke on Trent.

Plans for this Summer’s Youthtopia have begun2023-09-22T09:52:13+01:00

TWMAD work with schools to raise the confidence and aspirations of their students


Discuss When working in schools, our team takes time to meet up listen and discuss the challenges the schools face in assisting their students to reach the required performance levels to help them to get the very best results from their education as possible. We discuss their enthusiasm for school and learning, concentration levels, school performance, confidence levels, behaviour referrals and any external issues which may also impact upon their school life. Assess The discussions held provide TWMAD with valuable insight into the pupils who they are considering for our mentoring services. We then decide which TWMAD service would be the [...]

TWMAD work with schools to raise the confidence and aspirations of their students2023-09-28T12:34:54+01:00
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