Bridge the gap between students and schools


Now all students have returned from their holidays our 121 mentoring sessions have resumed, our mentors bridge the gap between those students who have become disengaged or require additional support and the school.

Here are the needs of those students that we are meeting with our sessions.

In Conversation with Young People

How We Work

Every week our mentors at TWMAD are holding many conversations with young people. Naturally, they all listen carefully and do their best to comfort, guide and advise them.

Our hope is that this will help them to understand things more, make better decisions, or to see things from different perspectives. They are given the opportunity to reflect on what’s happening in their life, think about what they could do differently and discuss the different outcomes they could achieve in doing so.

TWMAD Top 10

Our mentor reports are a great indicator of the support young people are currently asking for and they are listed in rank order below.

  1. General Wellbeing
  2. School situations & problems
  3. Attitude & behaviour
  4. Relationships & friends
  5. Emotional support
  6. Goal setting
  7. Physical Health
  8. Substance misuse
  9. Safety in school & their community
  10. Confidence building

A Benefit of Mentoring

Something that isn’t listed here but is prominent in many of our sessions is helping young people when they are in crisis. Our team are always on hand to mediate and de-escalate in these situations and do our best to bring calm and stability back to each situation that arises.

We communicate our findings with our schools and offer solutions that we believe will improve their relationship and improve the output that they receive from their students.

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