Urban Park Studio


TWMAD have in our Urban Park Studio a fantastic creative space that we have been developing over the last few years.

Supported by both the Youth Music Trust and also Walleys Quarry we have been able to kit out an outstanding facility and deliver music sessions to children from across the county.

The journey that we have experienced delivering the Urban Park Studio project has been one of ups and downs but we are getting there and we are delighted with the work done so far, the learnings that we have experienced and the outcomes that we have been able to achieve.

Following the successful delivery of the programme with the Youth Music Fund who commented

“The insightful points you identified about the challenges faced by the young people you worked with, as well as the challenges you experienced in delivering the project. Your ability to identify these challenges, and then make changes and build around them, struck me as so important as you hopefully continue this kind of work and develop your practice.”

TWMAD will now continue to develop our delivery team of young music production enthusiasts who are keen to merge mentoring with music activities. This team will be on hand to to ensure that we can continue to create opportunities for  a steady flow of young people to access the studio and learn how to write, produce and record music.

The space will also continue to allow TWMAD to offer the space to services as an attempt to engage and divert them away from behaviours and actions which are not serving them well. Music has provided the answer to many children of this nature.

We have also used the production side of music to show children who are very tech savvy or who spend lots of time gaming and looking at screens that they can use a computer in a creative space and learn how to make music. This has allowed for children to discover that they would like to now pursue music in further education and who wish to return back to the studio on a more regular basis. 



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