TWMAD work with schools to raise the confidence and aspirations of their students



When working in schools, our team takes time to meet up listen and discuss the challenges the schools face in assisting their students to reach the required performance levels to help them to get the very best results from their education as possible.

We discuss their enthusiasm for school and learning, concentration levels, school performance, confidence levels, behaviour referrals and any external issues which may also impact upon their school life.


The discussions held provide TWMAD with valuable insight into the pupils who they are considering for our mentoring services. We then decide which TWMAD service would be the most suitable for the school and their pupils.


TWMAD then offer the schools our programmes which all feature a combination of coaching, training and conversation to empower young people to build their confidence, boost their selfworth and to provide them with vision and direction.

TWMAD place a huge focus on building relationships and rapport with the young people that are participating in our programmes and services.


We then offer a flexible approach when scheduling our programmes to fit in and around a school’s curriculum delivery to ensure our programmes run smoothly and with continuity to ensure that our programmes build and maintain momentum throughout.


At TWMAD we place a huge emphasis on ensuring that all students or pupils who we are working with feel like they are participating in a special programme Our school services allow us to get to know the individuals taking part and it is then when our team can begin to positively influence them to perform BETTER in and out of school.

The rapport that we are able to build has helped us to help youngsters with a wide range of issues aside from their school & academic performance. We have supported and guided students who were suffering with their mental and physical well-being which had led to self-harm, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts to name but a few.

Here are some of our school programmes that could be brought to your school and delivered to your students.

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